In the service of the King

By: Ermichelle T. Flores


Have you ever been in a situation in which you wonder on what will happen to you in the future? Have you ever tried asking yourself these, “Where would I find myself few months/ years from now?” or “Would I be happy and contented by then?”

These questions had baffled me before I joined the singing ministry of 1000 Missionary Movement. After finishing my first missionary term as a field missionary, I can feel it that God has been prompting me to do more for Him. Unfortunately, I was uncertain about where He wants me to go or what He wants me to do. These uncertainties then became anxieties, which somehow became a blessing in disguise. It led me to realize the real meaning of Jeremiah 29:11 when He said, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

It was on that memorable day of the 30th of August 2015, engulfed with mixed feelings of doubts and eagerness; I took the chance and auditioned for HISM (Here I am, Send Me), the official singing group of 1000 Missionary Movement. Like any audition, I had no assurance then to be chosen, for I don’t consider my singing as a pro. I just did it for experience, but unknowingly, God has sent me there to fulfill His divine plan for me.

Beyond the sphere of my expectation, I passed the audition and become a part of HISM.

Indeed it is true that whatever abilities we use for God’s work, He will magnify and do great things through it for His glory. Looking back then, I never thought that I could be more useful in God’s ministry. The group members and I are blessed to do our mission— singing God’s love to our brethren around the Philippines. We met people who inspired us and people whom we shared inspiration with. We were able to sing and witness glorious moments in several evangelistic meetings when people stood for Christ and accepted Him as their personal Savior. We did cherish the times when we were able to be a part of different church activities like “compassion” and other community service programs. We enjoyed visiting churches and meeting fellow servants in Christ in various missions and conferences; reminding ourselves of God’s faithfulness through the songs we shared.

We also treasured the moments we spent with our brethren; singing and praying for them in their houses as we do house-to-house visitations, and we loved the time spent with the children and young people as we shared our experiences to inspire them to be partakers of God’s work in their places or in their future mission fields as missionaries. I am certain that if it was not God’s plan, I would not have been part of all these. I wouldn’t have felt the bliss and happiness brought by serving others. And I wouldn’t have felt the overflowing joy of serving God.

As the song goes, “In the service of the King, every talent I will bring. And I’ll have peace, joy and blessing in the service of the King.” Though sometimes we have uncertainties, doubts and problems, God was not joking when He said He has plans for us. He created us with His divine purpose—that we may live a life worthy and glorifying to his sight. We just have to seek and follow Him. Surely, peace, joy and blessing will come in abundance— for a promised of everlasting happiness will be given to everyone who serves the King.




Ermichelle T. Flores, the one standing at the center, is a teacher by profession. She is one of the members of HISM 2 (Here I am Send Me) singing missionaries of the 1000 Missionary Movement, singing mezzo soprano


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