AANS is going Four Years!

By Nijel Galve

“I am very thankful that the Adventist Academy of Negros Oriental-Siquijor (AANS) is very active in collaborating with the entire community of Dauin. Every time I see your school bus passing by the streets of Dauin, delivering the students to their homes, I told myself, ‘this school is a fast growing school.’ For the last four years, I have observed that your school is one of the fastest growing schools in our municipality. To tell you frankly, straight from my heart, I hope your school will become a college or university in the near future.”


These were the words of Hon. Niel B. Credo, the mayor of the Municipality of Dauin, during his opening message on the 4th Founding Day of the Adventist Academy of Negros Oriental-Siquijor (AANS) last October 4, 2017.


The school’s anniversary celebration was highlighted by a grand parade in the town of Dauin, Negros Oriental. A display of the school’s entire populace from nursery to grade 12, the  faculty and staff, with some gleeful parents, all in all numbering to more than 300 delighted  participants, paraded down the town streets to the amazement of many spectators who were  overheard saying, “Hala, daku na diay na nga skol!” (Wow, that is already a big school!)


Most of the Negros Oriental- Siquijor Mission (NSM) force attended the occasion. Pastor  Eliezer G. Patricio, NSM president, addressed the crowd with his message centered on the anniversary theme, “ Going Forward for a Greater Service”. His moving message brought
every listeners’ mind to recollect the past and to reconnect the present through the grace of God as the only source of all blessings.


Before the crowd dispersed, a wholesome and sumptuous luncheon fellowship warmed the  already sun-soaked spirits of everyone enjoying a festive atmosphere to the delight of the school’s administration, faculty, and staff for the success of the illustrious school ‘s anniversary. Vive, Le AANS!


About the writer:
Nijel Galve is the guidance counselor of the Adventist Academy of Negros Oriental-Siquijor (AANS) in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

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