Adventist Hospital Cebu responds to the call for Total Member Involvement

News 02/04/2020

Adventist Hospital Cebu (AHC) reorganizes and dedicates 20 care groups on the culmination of AHC’s week of prayer.

“I Will Go became the focus of the week of spiritual emphasis for Adventist Hospital Cebu (AHC) on January 26-31, 2020.

Pastor Lowell L. Quinto, the coordinator for Nurturing, Discipleship and Reclamation in the Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle program of the Seventh-day Adventists in Central Philippines, presented the different topics about care group ministry to more than a hundred AHC workers on a weeklong activity at AHC’s new conference room in Cebu City, Philippines.

Quoting on Ellen G. White’s statement about small group, Pastor Quinto said, “The formation of small companies as a basis of Christian effort has been presented to me by One who cannot err. If there is a large number in the church, let the members be formed into small companies[small group], to work not only for the church members but for unbelievers….” {7T21.4}

Pastor Quinto made a call to all the workers to be zealous in embracing the world church’s initiative and be involved in the care group ministry as God’s witnesses to the world.

“Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow me,’” Pastor Quinto added a powerful statement from the Ministry of Health and Healing, p. 73.4.

Pastor Lowell L. Quinto

Dr. Evelyn S. Pepito, the president of Adventist Hospital Cebu, shared her sentiments for fellow Christian workers, patients, and customers to know the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church before leaving the hospital premises.

“Our main objective for reorganizing our care groups from departmental to interdepartmental is to increase the unity and bond among the workers in this institution. It is our greatest desire that all our fellow Christian workers will feel the essence of belongingness, as well as our fellow Christian patients, will know why we exist,” Dr. Pepito said in an interview. “We do hope that through this care group ministry, we would be able to work from the inside and go outside to reach others and tell the love of God,” she said further.

Methu P. Flores, one of the chaplains of Adventist Hospital Cebu, conveyed his gratitude to God for the opportunity to organize care groups in the hospital. He highlighted evangelism as the main objective of their care group ministry as well as their yearnings that all the AHC workers will be involved and will participate in the work of God through the care group ministry.

“We hope and pray that the Lord will bless this ministry that we are having in this hospital. I am also soliciting your prayers that all our care groups will continue, especially in leading the people to know Jesus more,” Flores added.

One of AHC’s staff nurses named Nestro A. Pilapil also expressed his conviction about the importance of the medical ministry of God’s people in these last days. He also stated the hospital’s mission, and that is to touch lives through the healing ministry of Jesus.

“As the leader of our care group, my mission is to lead and guide the members and also the workers of the hospital to its mission… And what does it mean? It means that the members will be more involved in spiritual activities and soon will become mature spiritually through the guidance of the Holy Spirit,” Pilapil shared.

On the other hand, Nursing Service Secretary Jennifer G. Villado disclosed her task as one of the care group leaders, especially in meeting people with different personalities. But according to her, they need to build a strong relationship with each other as a group and develop their spirituality first.

“We need to be spiritually healthy before sharing it with others because we cannot share what we don’t have. We need to be spiritually filled and committed, or else, it will not flow out from our hearts to reach out to others. We need to have the desire to do what the Lord wants us to do,” Villado stated.

The culmination of the week of prayer on Friday evening, filled the hall with 20 reorganized care groups, dedicating themselves to be His channels. On the commitment ceremony, all the workers gathered at AHC’s gymnasium on the fifth floor for AHC-TMI formation, signifying their willingness to respond to the Lord’s calling through the Total Member Involvement program of the church.

With hearts dedicated to serving the people, every worker boldly exclaimed, “VISAYAS FOR CHRIST 2020: I WILL GO!”  

By Nadeth Quinto

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