Cebu Federation of Seventh-Day Adventist Church (CFSDAC) awakens, shines and revives

By Sheenybelle Carmelotes – Tabanao

While the world paused for the holidays, Seventh-day Adventists from the various corners of the island of Cebu congregated in the Adventist Academy Cebu, Bulacao, Talisay City on March 28 to April 1, 2018, to be revived through the Fellowship Camp of Cebu Federation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (CFSDAC).

This was delicately designed by the Federation Officers under the leadership of CFSDAC President Eli D. Carmelotes and Shailen E. Francisco, Adventist Youth president, to trigger retrospection in every participant of the indispensable and urgent gospel manifested in this year’s theme, “Now is the Time”.

Such idea was rooted in Romans 13:11, “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” A number of participants hailed from the six districts of Central Visayan Conference (CVC), namely: Southwest Cebu District led by Pastor Jeanemer Gulfan, SECASDAC led by Pastor Arnel Paalisbo, SCCDAC led by Pastor Clyde Potot, WCASDAC-North led by Pastor Ceriaco Valencia, WCASDAC-South led by Pastor Jonathan Alub, and TCDAC led by Pastor Jemwin Colegado, the host district.

The revival celebration commenced on Wednesday evening with Dr. Isaias Guisando, principal of the Adventist Academy-Cebu, as the guest speaker. As the event pressed on, participants were ignited to wake up early to experience the inspiration from their Care Group as they discussed about the Gift of Repentance, Total Devotion Versus Idolatry, Steps for Overcoming Sin and Humility Versus Pride. Several plenary sessions took place, drawing the congregation to a closer encounter with the Lord through the counsels of the speakers from the different parts of the globe such as Pastor Harold G. Hallasgo, Central Visayan Conference (CVC) Youth director; Dr. Gregg Cornelius Capada of Bacolod Adventist Medical Cebu Federation of Seventh-Day Adventist Church (CFSDAC) awakens, shines and revives By Sheenybelle Carmelotes – Tabanao Central Visayan Conference Center; Pastor Aias Cabaca and Samuel L. Casel, students from the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS); Pastor Lelord G. Arranguez, CVC Communication and PARL director; Pastor James Rubrico Sr., Sabbath School, Personal Ministries & ACS director for Central Philippine Union Conference; and Jiles Howard C. Nogra, a freelance music teacher.

The participants were also empowered in some of the spiritual aspects of life through the daily break-out sessions. Five topics were catered to the participants. One was Righteousness by Faith shared by Gregg Cornelius Capada, To Have and to Hold by Samuel L. Casel, Christian Leadership by Pastor Lelord G. Arranguez, Music: A Gift from God by Jiles Howard C. Nogra & Charlyn Faith Nogra, Healthy and Happy by Dr. April Dawn Lucero, and Sanctuary by Pastor Aias Cabaca.

The participants indulged themselves in a life-changing compassion activity on Friday afternoon. They flocked to the streets of Talisay City to share the good news through a piece of literature entitled, “GLOW”, handed in fruits to the people they met, heartened them with songs, fed some children and offered prayers for them. Then, everyone convened to welcome the Sabbath together with earnest praises and petitions.

Unceasing inspirations and empowerment were experienced through the message about the “End-Time Obedience” imparted by CVC president, Pastor Daniel G. Trazo. After a fruitful Sabbath experience, a concert was held by the CVC Advent Euphonyx, AUP students and the praise teams from the six participating districts.

“It is really heart-warming to celebrate this wonderful Sabbath with God. I feel blessed with the inspiring messages and the uplifting songs heard,” shared by one of the participants.

On Sunday morning, Pastor Aias Cabaca gave the final charge. God’s people were filled with hope and enthusiasm just as the timely message of the theme song, which says, “Go Forth, Go Forth with Christ”.

With renewed commitment, everyone went their way home, ready to face life, its struggles and triumphs.

About the writer: Sheenybelle Carmelotes-
Tabanao is the Adventist Youth director of
Cebu Federation of the Seventh-Day Adventist
Church. She is also a member of Buanoy SDA

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