Children’s TMI initiative in Romblon produces Bible interests

By Orley Fajilan

More than 150 children with their parents received goods during the gift giving activity on  their culmination program sponsored by the children of Odiongan SDA Church and Romblon Adventist Mission (RAM) Children’s Ministries (ChM) Department last December 10, 2017 at Brgy. Progreso Este, Odiongan, Romblon.


This was a collaborative effort of Odiongan SDA Church – children, youth and women’s care group through the coordination of RAM Children’s Ministries Director Marilou A. Fajilan.  Prior to this activity, they initiated a survey in Brgy. Progreso Este through the help of the barangay social workers, and indigent families were singled out as recipients. From July to  December, they met twice a month and conducted different programs such as branch Sabbath School, mother’s class and a feeding program.


The Kids for Christ care group of Odiongan SDA Church conducted a branch Sabbath  School for their fellow kids, while the mothers of the children attended the mothers’ class  program with Marilou Fajilan, RAM ChM director, together with Ludmila Tagle, a registered  nurse, who served as lecturers. Different topics were presented about family, health and spirituality.


After every meeting, a healthy meal with Manna Pack Rice and Vita Meal was served to the children as well as to the parents.


Before the scheduled culmination day came, donors donated rice, toys, slippers, food and  other items for the recipients.


“Thank you so much for conducting this one-of-a kind activity in our barangay. We are truly  blessed for the great help that you have extended to us,” one of the mothers commented.


The barangay leadership also expressed their appreciation and congratulations to the children  and to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for giving them importance which is a great help to their constituents.


RAM Children’s Ministries Department also conveyed their commendations to the teachers of Odiongan SDA Elementary School and to the Women’s Ministries Department of Odiongan SDA Church for their full support in the Lord’s work.


Moreover, since the launching of the Total Member Involvement (TMI) and the Integrated  Evangelism Lifestyle (IEL) program of the Church, Romblon Adventist Mission (RAM) administration has encouraged every department of the church to be involved in the ministry.


This is the reason why the children-led care group ministry was organized with the  collaboration of RAM Children’s Ministries (ChM) Department and the church school  teachers of Odiongan SDA Elementary School.


At present, there are many Bible interests as a result of their ministry. Let us continue to pray  for them.

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