CPUC secretariat conducts ACMS training

ACMS Training


A two – day Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) training was conducted for the executive, administrative, and departmental secretaries respectively, and church clerks together with some of the district leaders/pastors and Shepherdesses International (SI) and some invitees in Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC) Headquarters, 112 Gorordo Avenue, Kamputhaw, Cebu City on August 1 – 2, 2016.

It was participated with 71 attendees coming from the local conferences and missions. There were six executive secretaries, six administrative secretaries, two ACMS coordinator/encoder, 17 district leaders/pastors, three Shepherdesses International (SI), 34 church clerks and three other invitees.

The said seminar was organized by Pastor Eliezer T. Barlizo, Jr., CPUC executive secretary together with Mrs. Amelyn E. Morales, CPUC administrative secretary.

“Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) is a program of the church from the General Conference spearheaded by our world church leaders… We’re having our training in order to orient our church clerks, administrative secretaries and executive secretaries from the different missions and conferences about this program,” Pastor Barlizo said when asked about the rationale of conducting the ACMS seminar.

The training was graced by ACMS experts from SSD and General Conference. They were Madame Sherri Ingram – Hudgins, General Conference ACMS director of the Seventh-day Adventist Church; Pastor Rudy R. Baloyo, PhD, SSD executive secretary; and Madame Nazaida May A. Tabelisma, SSD assistant secretary.

“The Central Philippine Union Conference has decided to implement the program and so we came to train the conference personnel, union and even local church clerk people on how to use this program, which is to manage the membership records of the church,” Madame Sherri Ingram – Hudgins said. She added that in order to manage the membership records, the GC has adapted the ACMS program and they believe that it will help save money both on global and local bases to have more streamlines in managing and reporting membership on the higher levels.

Moreover, Miss Jerly Maata, administrative secretary of Central Visayan Conference (CVC) said that the training was great and informative. “And with this new system that we have, it will help the church clerks from the local conferences and missions to achieve an accurate church membership record,” she added.

Furthermore, Sir Onlee Entia, dictrict leader of Magallon-Cabacungan District (NOC) said that the role played by church clerks is very important. “Through this ACMS program, we learned how the church clerks’ responsibility becomes easier and more accessible. This program is very significant to all the church clerks as well as to us pastors in our reporting. We would like to encourage our church clerks to learn more about this because it is very relevant especially in our church,” he added.

This training aimed to augment the knowledge of the executive secretaries, administrative secretaries, church clerks and pastors on how to manage the membership records of the church through an internet-based program, in which records can be automatically and directly accessed from local churches toward local missions and conferences, unions, divisions and to the General Conference in general.

The seminar ended with a commitment from the participants to implement the program to their respective churches and territories.


CPUC Secretariat Advisory

A followup secretariat advisory was organized for the executive secretaries and administrative secretaries on August 3 – 4, 2016 held at CPUC Conference Hall. This advisory focused on the important role of the secretaries respectively, in disposing their duties and responsibilities in the local missions and conferences they are assigned in.

The said advisory was initiated by Pastor Eliezer T. Barlizo, Jr., CPUC executive secretary together with Mrs. Amelyn E. Morales, CPUC administrative secretary.

The two-day event was graced by Pastor Rudy R. Baloyo, PhD, SSD executive secretary and Madame Nazaida May A. Tabelisma, SSD assistant secretary as the guest speakers.

It was culminated with a commitment service and a Cebu City tour for the executive and administrative secretaries.

The attendees went home bringing the joy and the desires burning in their hearts to do their roles efficiently as well as their duties and responsibilities effectively as secretaries in their respective missions and conferences where God assigned them as His divine stewards.

As Ellen G. White said, “You are to offer to God nothing less than your best. You should do better and better work as you put in practice what you learn.” (Review and Herald, May 20, 1890 page 395.)


Note: This advisory was just a followup as they had their first secretaries’ enhancement seminar last February 22 -23, 2016 with the theme: “The Dynamic Administrative Professionals Soaring High in Today’s Workplaces” with Dr. Julie Miriam Demafiles – Rizardo, former chairperson of MVC administration department, now CPAC president as their main resource speaker. Other resource speakers were Mr. Roy Gumapac Perez, KanaSelect Global Marketing Corporation president and Pastor Norberto W. Pamisa, the associate publishing and LMS coordinator. There were 26 attendees on the said seminar.



Nadeth B. Quinto is the associate editor of MIZPAH in Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC).

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