Filipino-Australian SDA Team conducts evangelistic campaign and community outreach program in Dumaguete City

By: Bernie C. Maniego


Forty-six Filipino-Australian SDA members from Melbourne, Australia SDA Church joined the evangelistic campaign and community outreach program in Bagacay SDA Church, Bagacay, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental last July 3-9, 2016.

The mission trip was led by Pastor Mebzar Quinto, a church pastor of Melbourne Filipino-Australian SDA Church and a worker of Australian SDA conference, who is a native of Iloilo, Panay. Dumaguete City was so fortunate to be chosen by the group as the 3rd venue, after the Cagayan De Oro campaign.

Evidently, the Lord uses someone as an instrument to connect with the group through Pastor Lowell Quinto, NSM district leader before, and now, becomes the CPUC 1000 Missionary Movement coordinator and the brother of Pastor Mebzar Quinto, who facilitated the communication with the group. In fact, it took two years before the mission trip was materialized after the group decided that the 3rd evangelistic and community outreach campaign will be in Dumaguete City.

The group was composed of different age groups—from the 84-year old Lore Mills of the retirees group down to the four year old church member, Zara Quinto.

The Medical Mission and Compassion in Action and some other outlined community outreach programs sponsored by the Filipino-Australian SDA team was a success.

On July 3, 2016, more than 700 people received different free medical and dental services such as consultations, tooth extraction, circumcision, eye examination, blood typing, bloodletting, mole/wart removal, ventosa, massage and health age assessment program through the concerted effort of the NSM Health Ministries Department; Adventist Medic Society (AMS) organization through the leadership of Mr. Eldridge Roy Mandalupa, the AMS president; the Filipino-Australian SDA group; and the different non-SDA groups/agencies such as The Philippine Red Cross, Health Care Laboratory Center, and the Philippine Pharmaceutical Chapter of Dumaguete City

“I’m happy that our group is a part of this medical mission spearheaded by the SDA church, how I wish that this will not be the last but this will be the first and we will continuously working with the SDA in their future medical mission.” Mrs. Annalisa Bais, the president of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Chapter of Dumaguete City said.

On the other hand, on the same day, Pastor Elly Abejero, NSM youth director, together with the local SDA and the Filipino-Australian SDA young people joined together in conducting a community compassion in action at Dumaguete City boulevard. Around 400 Dumagueteños received different free goods and services like body massage, hair cutting, motor cycle tuneup, laptop repair, feeding program, used clothing, religious leaflets/tracts, and most significantly youth offered special prayers to their clients.

Moreover, the group did different community outreach program during the day while preaching during the night throughout the trip. On July 4, the group went to Palinpinon SDA Church to help in painting the church. Meanwhile on July 5, the group went to Pulangbato National High School, Pulangbato, Palinpinon, Valencia, Negros Oriental and conducted an EMPOWER program through lectures and interesting group dynamics as well as giving freebies to the students as giveaways. The team also donated one unit Bugle trumpet to the school. These simple acts of kindness and generosity gave joy and inspiration to the school administration, faculty and staff, and the students of the said school.

Furthermore, on July 7, 2016, the group went to Adventist Academy of Negros Oriental-Siquijor, Inc. (AANS) in Maayong Tubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental and donated paints and construction materials to be used for the wall painting as well as for the concreting of entrance gate of the academy. The group even started painting the newly-built accounting office and some were helping clearing the pathways for concreting. And on Friday, July 8, the group of young people visited Ajong National High School and did the EMPOWER program, giving inspirational and motivational lectures, and group dynamics as well as giving out some freebies to the students and donated water dispenser to the school. And on July 9, the group of young people visited the orphanage in Dumaguete City distributing goods and school supplies to the children.

Glory, honor and praise belong to God for the success of the evangelistic campaign in Negros Oriental-Siquijor Mission (Dumaguete City) sponsored by the Filipino-Australian team where 208 souls were brought into the Kingdom of God as the result of the week-long campaign. Pastor Mebzar Quinto together with the head elder Mr. Raul Quiapon, had motivated and inspired everyone in the church to join the campaign especially the young people to preach the good news of the Kingdom and become zealous and active in missionary/evangelism outreach program of the church. Likewise, Pastor Eliezer Patricio, NSM president and Pastor Joel Ceniza, NSM ministerial secretary did the planning and ground work preparation involving several churches around Metro Dumaguete and some other districts to make the campaign successful.


Bernie C. Maniego is the health, communication and PARL director of Negros Oriental -Siquijor Mission (NSM).

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