Health Seminar is conducted in Sibuyan Island

By: Orley M. Fajilan

“What we eat is what we are.”

These principles on health was emphasized no less than the health director of Central Philippine Union Conference Dr. Glenn Maypa, Romblon Adventist Mission health ministries director Mrs. Marilou A. Fajilan and nutritionist Leah V. Tugade, during the bi-district association meeting in Sibuyan Island on May 18-21, 2016. Likewise, Mrs. Ellen G. White says,

“In order to render God perfect service,
you must have clear conception of His
requirements. You should use the most simple
food, prepared in the most simple manner
that the fine nerves of the brain be not
weakened, benumbed or paralyzed making it
impossible for you to discern sacred things…”
Testimonies for the Church 2:46

The team conducted health lectures and presented ways of preparing nutritious food  in its simplest manner. They emphasized to church members the significance of health message not only for personal benefit but as well as for outreach opportunities.

Hence, the attendees were delighted to learn new ways to prepare menus which can be a great blessing for their family and an important avenue to reach out for others considering the current health problems that most people are experiencing including the members of the church.

“The church is blessed with this truth for our time and if there is something that the church needs to focus– it’s the ‘health message,’” urged Dr. Maypa.

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