HIMIG Foundation partners with NSM in winning souls for Christ in Dumaguete City

By Bernie C. Maniego


HIMIG foundation, a foundation established by the Seventh-day Adventist Filipinos who are working and residing at Edinburg, Texas USA, committed to sponsor an evangelistic campaign in the Philippines particularly in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental on July 1-10, 2018.

Prior to their visit in Dumaguete City, several activities were scheduled and outlined as a ground work for the coming evangelistic campaign which included the revelation of Bible Prophecy seminar and the medical/dental mission.

Negros Oriental – Siquijor Mission conducted a ten-night series of Revelation of Bible Prophecy Seminar held at Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative (DCCCO), Dumaguete City on May 16-26, 2018.

The seminar brought special blessings to all the participants and revival to all the SDA members who attended and listened the nightly Biblebased presentations of Pastor Edwin C. Gulfan, a newly retired South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) president and the newly appointed field evangelist of Southern Asia – Pacific Division (SSD).

Professor Faustino T. Vidal, one of the attendees, a Roman Catholic, and a teacher of Foundation University in Dumaguete City, expressed his gratefulness and impressions about the knowledge and information that he learned from the seminar. According to him, “The speaker is so impressive. His Bible-based presentations are very clear, and has given me an enlightenment and a clearer understanding about the plan of salvation.”

On the other hand, Windilyn A. Quiambao, a Roman Catholic working in the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Dumaguete City, said, “The speaker has enthusiastically and knowledgeably explained the different topics, and I really enjoyed listening to him. His presentations touched my heart.”

The seminar successfully culminated through a Sabbath worship held in Dumaguete Central Church with the support of the local churches around Metro Dumaguete area.

Moreover, NSM Treasurer Ervin Mandalupa, made a proposition to Pastor Gulfan to conduct another Revelation of Bible Prophecy seminar next year with detailed and comprehensive presentations on Daniel and Revelation. And the latter responded positively on their request.

“We certainly praise the Lord for the success of the ten-night series of revelations of Bible Prophecy, and for using his servant, Pastor Edwin Gulfan, in sowing the seeds of truth into the hearts of the people, who learned a lot, have kept the biblical truths and just waited for the harvest time to come,” one of the organizers commented.

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