Mizpah 01/20/2020

CPUC conducts union-wide IEL Special Council

Nearly 50 conference and mission administrators, IEL coordinators, and selected district pastors across Central Philippine Union Conference convoked for the union-wide Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle Special Council at CPUC headquarters, Cebu City, Philippines on January 15-16, 2020. 

Pastor Lowell Quinto

Pastor Lowell Quinto, CPUC IEL/NDR coordinator, welcomed the delegates and presented the council orientation at the opening ceremony in the afternoon of Wednesday. Further, representatives from each conference and mission reported God’s mighty deeds in and through care groups in their territories. 

 A midweek prayer meeting gathered all the delegates at the CPUC hall, and the care group reporting then resumed shortly after the worship. 

Strategic planning and sharing of conferences and missions’ care group’s best practices embodied the second day’s agenda. The delegates not only shared but also learned from their constituents Spirit-inspired ways on winning souls for the LORD.

In an interview, Pastor Remejio Resus of Samar Mission remarked, “Here we were able to share the best practices that we have in our mission, and we were also able to hear the practices of other missions and conferences … and those that are important for us, we can adopt them in our own context.” 

Reversing the theme, the hall trembled as the delegates proclaimed, “VISAYAS FOR CHRIST 2020: I WILL GO!” 

Pastor Ricky Serato, a delegate from West Visayan Conference, reflected, “The effectiveness of their work also inspires me to do more, to work more, and to participate more; and to encourage the brethren to participate in their care group ministry, of the IEL/NDR… This is not the conference’s program, but the Lord’s program that we need to do these last days.”

Pastor Agapito Catane

Seeing the greater and wider mission of the church in 2020, Central Philippine Union Conference president, Pastor Agapito Catane, Jr., laid before God’s laborers the sacred duty entrusted to them by the Master. 

“I know that the LORD will bless this because God has instructed us that we have to devise ways and means on how we will become active participants in preparing souls for His kingdom,” Pastor Catane expressed in an interview.

Giving place for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for the execution of their responsibilities, the delegates submitted themselves to God at the commitment ceremony which culminated the entire council.

By Adventh Joy Montesa

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