Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC) is a religious corporation owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is designated as the headquarters for the whole of Visayas islands comprising Regions VI, VII, VIII and part of Region IV and V. CPUC’s role is to oversee operations of the local conferences/ missions and other subsidiary healthcare and educational institutions under its territorial jurisdiction.


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      Today, I had a conversation with a misentir whose children all attend church schools. What I heard was the voice of a parent expressing disappointment about the focus of the school curriculum which he felt was leaning too much towards the spiritual dimension and not preparing his children adequately to achieve marks which would get them scholarships for tertiary education. He was seriously thinking about moving them into a secular school which he felt would provide them exposure to other aspects of education which he suggested they had been sheltered’ from in the church school system.Not wishing to sound judgmental, I shared my experience of teaching in the secular system and how Adventist children were often pressured to abstain from participating in many of the organised extra-curricular activities which their classmates and friends would participate in to develop their social, leadership, physical skills. Many of these activities are organised over the week-ends and usually would fall on the Sabbath. In addition, the focus is usually on performance sometimes involving traditional dances and ceremonies,sporting events, musical programmes and secondary school drama and film contests. One could argue that exposure to these programmes would be beneficial for any individual contributing to their wholistic development and since the church system does not provide this variety, then the option this church-worker parent was making is best. This may be the dilemma of many on Adventist parent in the Pacific including church leaders as well who send their children to secular schools to enable them to gain what the church system is not able to provide but I would say, as one who has worked in this system, at a price . The price is, that through this exposure many an Adventist child succumbs to the pressure to belong, and in the process becomes more of the world making it very difficult to distinguish them from Non-Adventist children.Interestingly, when expatriate missionaries come to the Pacific today, their children attend the best private schools in the community confirming again that there are also standards and levels of the Adventist education philosophy which is implemented in the developing world forcing many educated parents to opt for the secular school system to ensure the academic success of their children to enable them to acquire better jobs to lift their standards of living.That is the reality for many parents but I hasten to add that there are also a large number of parents who choose to pay more for their children to attend our church schools and these very children manage to win scholarships and have come to Fiji in large numbers to study at secular tertiary institutions.The choice is that of the parent who steps out in faith believing that what is provided by the church school would be more than sufficient to prepare their children for a journey to success even if it takes them into secular education.

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    Hi Jacques, that’s weird. The default range is to show the most vieewd posts of all time . How long since you’ve installed JetPack plugin by the way? Maybe it’s an issue with availability of data. not sure. As you can see I also use the plugin on my site. but of course jetpack has been running for more than a year now.

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