Lambusan SDA Church stands and celebrates 13 th year

By Nadeth B. Quinto

Lambusan SDA Church commemorated its 13th anniversary on February 10, 2018 in Lambusan, San Remigio, Cebu.


The celebration kicked off with a wonderful Sabbath School program wherein the youth performed a special feature entitled, “In the Marketplace”.


The event was graced by the presence of Lambusan SDA church members together with the brethren from the district as well as the presence of the staff and the beloved president of Central Philippine Union Conference, Pastor Agapito Catane, Jr., who was the guest speaker of the said celebration.


During the hour of worship, Pastor Catane gave his compliments for the brethren’s faith in God amidst the challenges they faced from the very beginning. He also challenged everyone
to continually get involved in the Lord’s work in sharing the gospel to all the people as their obligation to God.


As part of the celebration, the church members prepared a sumptuous lunch for everybody to enjoy after the hour of worship.


On Sabbath afternoon, the church was filled with laughter and tears as some of the pioneers shared their personal testimonies. Some were sentimental as they reminisced their experiences,
especially when the church was destroyed by the strongest tropical cyclone Yolanda in November 2013.


“We praise God for His providence for He has helped us stand amidst and after the storm. We thank God, too, for His guidance and for using people who willingly donated their time, effort, and money in renovating the church building,” said one of the church elders.


“Today, we are here worshipping in this beautiful sanctuary, celebrating His goodness, His wonderful leading as well as His bountiful blessings bestowed to us throughout the years. May God’s name forever be praised and glorified,” said Pastor Pabling Frasco, a retired
stewardship director of South Philippine Union Conference.


Lambusan SDA Church is a memorial church built in honor of Nanay Syanang. The plan to build this memorial SDA church was made during the reunion of Mat-Emeren Frasco Clan
by the Adventist grandchildren of the beloved Nanay Syanang for being the first Adventist who influenced them to embrace Adventism.


The vision was materialized by conducting an evangelistic outreach in Lambusan, summer of 2003. The campaign was spearheaded by Pastor Pabling G. Frasco together with his wife, and with the assistance of Tambongon SDA church members and some of their relatives in


A harvest of 27 souls who accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour was reaped. And because of the increasing number of members, they felt the urgency to put up a memorial church
on their ancestral lot in Lambusan, San Remegio, Cebu.


“By God’s grace, we were able to raise up donations which we used in the construction of the church building. It was truly a joint venture of Frasco’s relatives and friends in America, Australia, and the Philippines. And we are very happy that until now, the work for God’s cause in this area continues to move forward until Jesus comes,” Pastor Frasco heartily shared.

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