-Personal Reflections during the Dumaguete Mission Trip-


The success of the mission of the
Filipino-AustralianSDA Church has made
possible due to the collective efforts and
commitments to the cause of our great commission
that is found in Matthew 28:19-20. I thank the
NSM leadership for allowing us to partner with
them in this mission. My sincere gratitude to
Mr. Raul Quiapon, our Head Elder who also served
as our Mission Trip Leader, with his passionate leadership,
and thanks to all supporting casts – too many to
elaborate here.

As a church, we fundraised
more than one million pesos for the Dumaguete Mission Trip on
July 3-9, 2016. However, on the happy note, the 46 members
and friends who joined the trip and who spent their own
thousands and time for the airfares, accommodations
and even for work or school leaves—would surely say,
it was all worth it! In fact, there were even some who
personally gave more financially! When someone or
the ministry itself is of need, thousands of pesos were
also willingly shared on the spot. Wallets and pockets
were emptied for God’s glory.

The countless prayers that everyone offered on behalf
of the success of the mission were of great significance.
God answered our prayers! As a church, we were, we are,
and we will always be all in this together.

Dumaguete, known as the city of gentle people, will always now be part of our Christian journey. This was indeed an experience of a lifetime.

As we appreciate the message of Matthew 24:14 that says, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the entire world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” We indeed are collectively blessed because we are doing it through our involvement, not only in spoken word but acted words or services—

as we are getting closer to the end when the Son of God will come to take us home. During the trip, myriads of things had been unfolded that gave us more strength and inspiration to do more—to reach for more for the Lord’s glory.

The theme of our mission was, “We are Going Home”. I believe it is a timely message that covers all aspects of our journey onwards. Well done to our main nightly presenters! (Sunday)- This world is not our home; (Monday)- We can’t be too far away from home anymore; (Tuesday)- Even the best of our home and our church, our family and our church family pale in comparison to our heavenly home; (Wednesday)- We have a home up there in heaven; (Thursday)- Let us continue our homeward journey and prepare to eventually get there; (Friday)- Let us all get there; and (Sabbath)- It will be a joy for us to hear Jesus say, “Welcome Home My Children”.

I am definitely humbled as the church pastor of this church. There is no doubt that we will endeavor to continue this spirit of mission and look forward to finally “arriving home”.

Mebzar l. Quinto is the church pastor of the Filipino – Australian SDA Church,



Dumaguete Mission Trip 2016

was an awesome week to be remembered. The mission trip is one of the most challenging events to be part with, and yet one of the most rewarding experiences to all the people involved. To experience the act of service and be able to share the Good News of Salvation to others will leave one’s life transformed and blessed.

Kicked-off on a Sunday, July 3, 2016 with the two community outreach event – the medical and dental services and the community compassion; two events that focused on offering free services to the community by group of volunteers – medical professionals, skilled technician/workers and church members who just simply volunteered their time and wanted to share the work of Jesus to the community.

Our team from Melbourne, Australia, ran most of the evening programs but we were delighted for the support and involvement of local churches not forgetting the blessing of songs from the 1000 Missionary Movement led by Pastor Lowell L. Quinto.

Over all, the support from the local church members on each night was overwhelming; it showed how well they had prepared for the event. Most of the key leaders of the Negros Oriental-Siquijor Mission headed by Pastor Eliezer Patricio were present on the 6 nights of the meetings. I was very pleased to the way they had made themselves available on each night and also offering their own transportation to transport us from our accommodation to the church venue in the evening and to the venue of outreach during the day.

Our experiences in our daily activities were very rewarding like visiting schools and orphanage; and were able to offer community work, such as painting a church and our SDA school academy, and also encouraging the students at the school. These were some of the things our young people will never forget. We were so thankful for organizing these activities for us. dumaguete2dumaguete3

Dumaguete Mission Trip was truly something to be remembered. A big thank you to the 15 laymen and pastors who had worked tirelessly during the three months campaign reaching out to the lost souls in the community. I would like also to thank my dear church, the Filipino-Australian SDA church for their prayers and financial support. God bless us all and may we all continue to serve God faithfully.


Raul Quiapon is the church head elder and mission trip leader of the Filipino– Australian SDA Church, Melbourne, Australia.

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