Negros Occidental Conference launches ASAM Organization

By Susan Ba-adNegros

“Reaching and Empowering Single Adults, providing them support to foster personal growth and nurture relationship with God, with each other and other members of the Church family” is the motto of the Adventist Singles Adult Ministries (ASAM) that launched its first Negros Occidental ASAM organization in Kabankalan Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Negros Occidental on June 3, 2018.

Around 20 delegates from five districts spared their time to listen and learned some skills in art through the guest speakers and facilitators such as Melba Caagbay, retired principal of Negros Mission Academy; Annie Gutierrez, retired head of the Radiology Department in the Adventist Medical Center – Bacolod; and Stephanie Loriezo, a volunteer.

The said event was supported by the officers of the Family Ministries Association cluster 2. This organization is categorized from non-married singles and widows under the Family and Children’s Ministries Department.

Men and women who came on that day were filled with different emotions. “I was so impressed with the programs for I was able to express myself, and I am happy that singles and widows are still valued in our church. I love this organization. We felt that couples are not the only important people in our church, but the singles are also given the chance to be part of the church’s community outreach,” said one of the attendees.

The launching of ASAM organization was opened with a devotional. There were lectures, flower arrangements, corsage making and group dynamics that satisfied each one with enthusiasm to participate in the coming activities.

“Praise God for this Adventist Singles and Adult Ministries Organization. This launching is very productive since our single brethren learned a lot about their importance not only in the church but in the community as well for God’s service,” said Madeline Minel, five-district president of Family Ministries Association cluster 2.


About the writer: Susan Ba-ad is the Family and Children’s Ministries director of Negros Occidental Conference, Bacolod City.

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