NOC holds second level of multimedia seminar in Bacolod City

News 03/13/2020

Over a hundred delegates attended the Multimedia Seminar Level 2 organized by the Communication Department of Negros Occidental Conference (NOC), in cooperation with the Adventist Media Ministry Organization (AMMO) – NOC Chapter, on March 7-8, 2020, at Negros Occidental Conference Convention Center, with the theme, “Raising Multimedia Missionaries with Commitment.

The participants had workshops on news writing, scriptwriting, hosting, and video editing. Pastor Mamerto M. Guingguing II, communication director for Southern Asia – Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, graced the said program as the hour of worship speaker. He challenged the participants to develop outputs every day and to make use of social media to bring more souls to Jesus.

Photo courtesy of Toribio P. Ladanio III

“COMMISSION is COMmunication for MISSION! The reason why we exist as a church is that we are fulfilling the mission in spreading the gospel,” he said.

Invited lecturers were Bernie C. Maniego, director for Communication/ PARL and Hope Channel of Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC); Melodie Mae K. Inapan, an assistant professor in English from Central Philippine Adventist College; Van Edriel S. Muaña, the production head for Hope Channel Visayas; Nadeth B. Quinto, the associate editor of CPUC MIZPAH; and Adventh Joy T. Montesa, the scriptwriter for Hope Channel Visayas.

Toribio P. Ladanio III, the president of the AMMO-NOC Chapter, expressed appreciation on the commitment shown by the delegates during the seminar. He shared that he was delighted with the outcome of the seminar.

“This is a challenge for all the districts, especially the youth throughout the territory of Negros Occidental Conference, to support this kind of program. I am praying that all of us can see the beauty of this ministry and do our part as God’s missionaries in the media ministry,” he added.

Photo courtesy of Van Edriel S. Muaña

“This multimedia seminar is a level-up version of the previous seminar conducted last year. And we’ve noticed that our media missionaries have improved a lot, even though most of them are neophytes,” Pastor Buque shared.

The exhibit of the delegates’ output on inspirational short films and news production challenged the delegates to do more videos for the glory of God, and to fulfill the gospel commission found in Matthew 24:14, saying, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

By Stephanie Loriezo with additional reporting by Nadeth Quinto

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