Over 300 Workers Join PARL’s First CPUC-Wide Online Meeting

News 06/07/2021

In response to the “I Will Go” initiative, administrators, directors, district pastors, health workers, teachers, and office staff throughout the Central Philippine Union Conference territory convene virtually for the CPUC-wide online workers’ meeting on June 3, 2021.  

The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) department initiated the said meeting through the guidance of the CPUC Administration. Among the agenda discussed were the plans for the Season 2 of the “CPUC for Christ 2021: I Will Go” program and the orientation of the PARL Online Survey form for church members. The online survey aims to help the PARL department obtain baseline data from the brethren regarding their involvement in the church’s mission, particularly in Public Affairs and Religious Liberty. The survey also enables the brethren to share their opinion and gives PARL the chance to serve their constituents better.

At the onset of the meeting, Atty. Rex Rosas, PARL director for the Southern Asia-Pacific region, awakened each worker to be good citizens in the community and to show good examples as God’s ambassadors. He also stressed to position the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its services as credible, trustworthy, and relevant to the public realm. “We need to be committed and sincere in our work. May God bless you all as you do God’s service,” he ended.

Former Representative Harlin Neil Abayon III of the AANGAT TAYO Party-list and his father, Atty. Harlin Abayon II, also graced the meeting. They participated in the forum whose words touched the attendees’ hearts. “I will work for everyone and the church,” Atty. Abayon III shared.

Pastor Agapito Catane, the president of CPUC, expressed his commendations to all the workers who attended the meeting. He further appealed to give special attention to the PARL online survey form as this could be an aid and guide in enhancing the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty programs of the church. “Every member should participate in the different programs of the church, especially in carrying out the mission of the Seventh-Day Adventists,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) department of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division is enjoining the wholehearted support of the workers in conducting the said survey in their respective local churches, missions, conferences, and union. At the end of the meeting, all the workers signified to support and unanimously responded, “Amen, I will go!”

By Nadeth Quinto

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