Presidents convene at CPUC

President Convene

The presidents from the different missions and conferences of Central Philippine Union Conference territory convoked for a two-day Presidents’ Council on July 26 – 27, 2016 at Central Philippine Union Conference Headquarters, 112 Gorordo Avenue, Kamputhaw, Cebu City.

This presidents’ council was spearheaded by Pastor Agapito J. Catane Jr., Central Philippine Union Conference president.

This was attended by the presidents from the local conferences and missions. They were Pastor Daniel Trazo of Central Visayan Conference, Pastor Samuel Salloman of East Visayan Conference, Pastor Kerry Estrebilla of West Visayan Conference, Pastor Renito C. Inapan of Negros Occidental Conference, Pastor Eliezer Patricio of Negros Oriental – Siquijor Mission and Pastor Orley M. Fajilan of Romblon Adventist Mission.

This was also participated by some visitors from the Southern – Asia Pacific Division. They were Pastor Samuel Saw, SSD president; Dr. Bienvenido G. Mergal, SSD Vice-President for Nurture, Discipleship, Reclamation and Research Strategic Planning; Elder Johnny Lubis, SSD Vice-President for City Evangelism and Attorney Rex Rosas, SSD Legal and Trust director.

“First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to hold a presidents’ council this year. It is very important because this will prepare the minds of our leaders, the presidents, in the local conferences and missions on the things that they are supposed to do within the year and for the coming years. Major matters and concerns are being discussed and proper guidance is being given to them so that they can function well and can direct the work in the local conferences and missions. We have noticed that ideas from the different presidents were heard of which will also contribute for the growth of the church in Central Philippine Union Conference. We are so happy indeed that God has given us years of which we can preach the message effectively just like adhering to the needs of the Chinese people in our community whom we have neglected in the past. We would like to address their needs and so we are planning to get a Chinese pastor to keep in touch with the Chinese people and lead the church in the Chinese community. Many more concerns were also discussed such as on how we can do and accomplish the different challenges that we are facing in the union territory and right in the local conference and mission fields; the time that we’ll spend together for the fellowship; and developing better understanding with one another which encourages us to work as one because we believe that together, we can make things happen. We would like to make things happen, big things happen by God’s grace in Central Philippine Union Conference,” Pastor Agapito J. Catane Jr. said during the interview.

“Thanks be to God for all His goodness and for leading us to continue to move forward and to face the challenges that we have in our union field,” he concluded.

The presidents’ council ended on Wednesday afternoon and the presidents went home committed and with joy in their hearts to apply the things that they have learned in their respective advisory.


Nadeth B. Quinto is the associate editor of MIZPAH in Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC).

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