Prophecies of Hope Seminar baptizes 109 souls in Dumaguete City

Negros Oriental-Siquijor Mission (NSM) hosted the ten-night series of Prophecies of Hope Seminar held at Negros Oriental Convention Center, Dumaguete City on July 1-10, 2018.

About 109 precious souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior during the mass baptism ceremony held at Negros Oriental Aqua Center, Dumaguete City on July 10, 2018.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the ten-night powerful presentations of Pastor Lynnwood Spangler, an evangelist of Pennsylvania Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with his translator Pastor Joel F. Ceniza, ministerial secretary, Sabbath School, Personal Ministries & ASI director of NSM, made a big impact to the people attending the nightly meetings.

Inspiring musical ministry of the different singing groups coming from the local SDA churches around metro Dumaguete area together with the HIMIG official male chorus were also heard.

Dr. Jerry Tamayo, health and wellness specialist, also shared about the practical steps on reversing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer through lifestyle change.

On Saturday morning, more than 2000 people attended the grand Sabbath worship. Pastor Ildefonso Baquilabat, NSM executive secretary/IEL-NDR coordinator and the general coordinator of the HIMIG’s evangelistic campaign in Dumaguete, initiated a special Sabbath program with the support of the district pastors assigned in metro Dumaguete areas. They had a care group parade together with their candidates for baptism. A talk show was also conducted with the selected candidates for baptism, sharing their conversion experiences. On the other hand, Pastor Spangler preached his last topic during the Hour of Worship. A spirit-filled place was experienced by everybody.

The solemn mass baptism highlighted the seminar with Pastor Agapito J. Catane Jr., Central Philippine Union Conference president, who led out the baptism ceremony together with Pastor Spangler and the ordained ministers of NSM headed by the president, Pastor Eliezer Patricio.

Evidently, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Professor Faustino Vidal of Foundation University, who faithfully attended the Revelation of Bible Prophecy Seminar of Pastor Edwin Gulfan last June 16-26, 2018, was also baptized with the 109 precious souls.

“I praise God that he has guided me to know the truth by using people to invite me to attend the different seminars and be blessed,” heartily spoken by Professor Vidal.

About the writer: Bernie C. Maniego is the Communication, Health and PARL director
of Negros Oriental – Siquijor Mission, Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

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