Samar Adventist leaders convene in Calbayog

By Antonio C. Gobi, Jr.

Church leaders and church members in the provinces of Samar gathered themselves in Calbayog for the Samar-wide Adventist Summit together with the local publishing leaders on January 26-27, 2018 at Calbayog Seventh-day Adventist Church, San Policarpo, (Ipao) Calbayog City with the theme, “Each One, Reach One”.
Pastor Emerson Lucion, field secretary in Samar, welcomed the delegates and gave a positive outlook about the condition of the soon-to-be Samar Adventist Mission. He urged, “We are more than halfway on our journey to make our dreams come true. The realization of Samar  Adventist Mission is at hand, and soon by God’s grace will be realized. Therefore, may I call the attention of all church leaders and members in Samar to unite ourselves as one family, to give and support the mission of our church, because if we are honest and faithful to return everything that belongs to God, God will do the rest and we can do it because I believe we


Moreover, Pastor Nick Buo, East Visayan Conference (EVC) Publishing director, highlighted the old landmarks of the pioneers of our church, tracing back our humble beginnings. He stated, “Our existence is not by chance nor by virtue of human sphere of reasons, but a purpose. We are the people of prophecy, we are the people of the book, the remnant church emerged from the time of reformation down through the ages and the heart of the Adventist message, ‘Jesus is coming soon’. Therefore, God has a purpose why we are called. The printed pages are the opening salvo to carry on the gospel message throughout the world and break the hearts of prejudice people.”


Furthermore, on Sabbath morning, Pastor Antonio C. Gobi, Jr., EVC Youth and  Communication director, inspired the brethren through his Sabbath promotion entitled, “The Role of the Young People in SDA church”. He also gave reports about the different activities of the youth throughout the EVC territory.


In addition, former Congressman of northern Samar, promoted freedom of religion to all SDA students who are enrolled both in private and public schools to stand firm amidst their Sabbath problems by not compromising their faith instead to follow the example of Daniel, Joseph and Esther to be God’s instrument in making a difference. He said, “If any of you here whether you are a student or a teacher employed in Government offices who are forced to work,  attend meetings and classes on Sabbath, I will stand as your lawyer on behalf of the church  without asking any centavo from you. We will fight and defend our rights as mandated in our constitution.”


Meanwhile, Pastor Samuel Salloman, EVC president, spoke on the divine worship  expounding the theme, “Each One, Reach One”. In one of his presentations, he said, “We are called as ambassadors for Christ to share the light to others.”


In the afternoon, an information drive was given by the EVC officers, and there were lots of questions raised and brought out during the session.


“I am truly blessed and satisfied by the information shared to us this afternoon. The answers deleted my doubts against church leadership,” one of the attendees said.


The culmination part of the program was the commitment service. It was addressed to all church leaders and members to renew their commitment to God and claim His promises that He will never forsake us nor neglect us.


The Adventist summit ended up with a fire of faith igniting the good tidings of testimonies and beautiful experiences shared with fellow believers.

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