SISAAC and Youth Leadership Summit simultaneously held in Sibuyan Island

RAM Youth Department


Mrs. Ellen G White wrote in her book, “Called to Stand Apart” p. 66, which says, “With such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!”

This powerful statement stood as the guiding principles why the Seventh day Adventist Church gives so much attention to the training of our young people. With this, the church leadership recognizes that indeed the young people of the church can be great instruments in carrying the message in these last days to the far ends of the world.

In response to these calling, Romblon Adventist Mission youth department under the leadership of Pastor Fernando Narciso, RAM youth director, organized and conducted a “Youth Leadership Summit” with the theme, “Pass It On” in cooperation with the leadership of the districts of Sibuyan island which they call “Sibuyan Island Association of Adventist Churches” (SISAAC) through its leaders, Jesse Roda and Dennis Ferrera, on May 9-12, 2018 at Magdiwang National High School (MNHS), Magdiwang, Romblon.

More than 200 young people RAM Youth Department Romblon Adventist Mission Youth Department conducts Youth Leadership Summit in cooperation with Sibuyan Island Association of Adventist Churches (SISAAC) on May 9-12, 2018 at Magdiwang National High School (MNHS), Magdiwang, Romblon. More than 200 young people attended coming from the 10 districts of RAM together with the church members of Sibuyan island. Romblon Adventist Mission 36 mizpah. april.may.june 2018 coming from the 10 districts of RAM attended the event together with the church members of Sibuyan island. Principal Lelda Delmor of Magdiwang National High School, accommodated and allowed the young people to use the school facilities with a minimum charge.

The program geared in training young people in the different aspects of church leadership especially in engaging active evangelism activities. Thus, the summit activities included lectures, team building activities and Pathfindering. Adult attendees also received lectures on church leadership, evangelism and family relations. Guests coming from the higher organization who inspired the young people and all the delegates with the messages from God were Pastor Jobbie Yabut, Youth director for Southern Asia-Pacific Division; Pastor Von John Sanchez, Youth director for Central Philippine Union Conference; and representing Romblon Adventist Mission were President Orley M. Fajilan, Family and Children’s Ministries Director Marilou A. Fajilan, District Pastors Jerome Ferrera, Herman Vicente, Ricarte Riano, Ronald Abao, Raymun Fajilan, host District Leader Eliseo Italia, and several Adopt A Ministers.

During the Sabbath School and the Hour of Worship, Pastor Sanchez gave a powerful presentation on the importance of integrated church programming that focuses on the participation of every church member in order for the gospel to be carried successfully to every place where there are still people who have not yet heard the gospel of Christ. Meanwhile, Pastor Yabut exhorted the young people to find meaning in their lives through meaningful services that will benefit others and the work of God. During the commitment service on Sabbath afternoon, Pastor Fajilan, the mission president, reminded the delegates that each one has a work to be done after going back to their respective churches. He also added that each one should be found faithful with the commission that God has given to everyone.

The occasion resulted to a baptism of seven precious young people.

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