Staff Directory

Leopold Balidiong

Coordinator, 1000 Missionary Movement

Lemuel Banday

Director, Education Department

Eliezer Barlizo, Jr.


Gaudencio Buque

Director, Health Ministries

Clyde Jan Carpena


Isabella Carpena

Office Secretary

Ludim Casio III


Eliseo Dieta


Felie Marye Diola


Zenith Joy Dollosa

Chief Accountant

Ferdinand Esico

Director, Publishing Ministries | Spirit of Prophecy

Ana Liza Facon

Associate Director, Education Department

Mirza Felias

Office Secretary

Toneri Gaa

Associate Director, Publishing Ministries

Engelberg Ibarra

Staff, Hope Channel

Melodie Mae Inapan

Director, Children’s Ministries | Family Ministries | Ministerial Spouses Association

Renito Inapan


Srael Mae Janoyan

Office Secretary

Berdandino Maniego

Director, Communication | Public Affairs and Religious Liberty | Adventist Laymen Services & Industries

Calev Maquirang

Executive Secretary

Giselle Monloy

Office Secretary

Adventh Joy Montesa

Writer, Hope Channel

Elena Amelyn Morales

Office Secretary, Secretariat

Joel Morales

Associate Treasurer | Retirement

Van Edriel Muaña

Staff, Hope Channel

Lani Napigkit

Office Secretary

Fernando Narciso

Director, Ministerial Association | Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries | Adventist Mission

Julito Ortega


Jeany Pamisa

LMS Guest House in-charge

Norberto Pamisa

Stewardship Ministry | Planned Giving and Trust Services

Arthur Pigon


Fe Pigon

Director, Women’s Ministries

Lowell Quinto

Director, Nurture, Discipleship, Reclamation – Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle

Nadeth Quinto

Editor, Mizpah

James Rubrico

Director, Sabbath School | Personal Ministries

Von John Sanchez

Director, Youth Ministries,

Lenie Lou Suniega

Office Secretary

Evin Villaruben

Director, Corporate | Legal Services