The New Zealand evangelistic campaign wins 59 souls


There were fifty nine (59) precious souls who were baptized and brought back to the Kingdom of God during the six-day New Zealand discovery seminar (evangelistic campaign) on May 22-28, 2016, held at Bayawan National High School Gymnasium, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. The said campaign was coordinated by Pastor Joel F. Ceniza, Negros Oriental-Siquijor Mission (NSM) Ministerial secretary/Sabbath School and Personal Ministries director.

The New Zealand team was headed and inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Roger Goodwright. Mr. Goodwright’s wife, Elyshea, is a Filipina and a native of Davao City. It can be recalled that the couple also coordinated in the first evangelistic campaign in Dumaguete City last May 2015 during the hope for big city campaign. The one held in Bayawan City was their most recent campaign conducted. Moreover, the couple did a personal and/or through the web promotions about the missions in the Philippines to their Adventist friends in New Zealand and even in the United States of America (USA). They encouraged them to support and be part in the evangelistic campaign in our country. Because of their efforts, there were eight New Zealanders and Americans who joined the campaign held in Bayawan City.

The nightly Discovery Seminar focused on the search for the Red Sea crossing, other Bible sites and the End Times Bible prophecy which made a great impact, conviction, interest and excitement to both SDA’s and non-SDA’s who had attended the Bible-based and Christ-centered seminar. Elder Ross Patterson, the main speaker, highlighted its nighttime presentation with video clips during his disquisition on the Red Sea, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s Ark and Jordan. He also showed the Biblical sites he had visited like Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and others. He also shared his experiences that for several times, he personally submerged the Red Sea and saw some of the remnants of the chariot which was believed to be from the Pharaoh’s army of the olden times on the seabed of the biblical site. This proves that the Old Testament of the Bible is true and reliable.NewZeal1

In addition to, Dr. Bruce Pitchford, a general medical doctor practitioner in New Zealand, presented a series of health lectures and gave some basic health screening like BP taking, BMI assessment, weight measurement and medical consultation/counseling together with his son, Dr. Eldon Pitchford. The latter is going to undergo his residency and specialization program as a medical doctor. Together with them was Mrs. Elmarie Pitchford, Dr.Bruce Pitchford’s wife, who was then severely infected with Listeria bacteria in her brain that caused her body to paralyze for four years. However, by God’s grace, she recovered and now she can talk and move her arms and body although she barely stands without the assistance of her husband and the wheelchair. In spite of her physical predicament, her strong will to serve the Lord led her to reach Bayawan City all the way from New Zealand on her wheelchair and be an inspiration during the evangelistic campaign. Mrs. Pitchford made a stimulating remark to everyone by saying this awe-inspiring quotation, “I believe that we should spread God’s truth where ever we go because there are so many people who do not know about the love of God.”

In line with this, the Sabbath culmination held at Bayawan National High School Gymnasium, Bayawan City on May 28, 2016 was packed with more than one thousand SDA members and candidates for baptism. Pastor Eliezer Patricio, NSM president, led out the doctrinal review for all the candidates and the baptism itself. Likewise, the newly baptized members received a free copy of the Cebuan Bible.

Apparently, the success of the discovery seminar was attributed to the valuable support and cooperation of the brethren from Bayawan district as well as the neighboring districts of Sta. Catalina and Kalumbuyan. This was also made possible through the leadership and supervision of our district leaders and laymen who were responsible for the preparation and follow-ups of the Bible students.


Bernie C. Maniego is serving as the health, communication & PARL director of Negros Oriental – Siquijor Mission.

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