Tornalejo inspires workers in Eastern Visayas

By Antonio C. Gobi, Jr.

Dr. Remwil R. Tornalejo, Th.D., associate professor of the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS), the associate editor of Southern Asia – Pacific Division (SSD), and one of the editors and contributors of the ongoing revision of the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia of the General Conference, came to Tacloban and shared his expertise in the field of theology for a week of spiritual festivity of office workers and church school teachers with the theme, “The Essence of the Kingdom of God” on January 8-13, 2018 at East Visayan Conference Hall, Old Road Sagkahan, Tacloban City.


Dr. Tornalejo highlighted the passages in the New Testament quoting the parables and  narrative in a very simple and practical but meaningful way, imparting lessons to be applied in spiritual journey through life.


He reiterated the two kinds of Kingdom: The Kingdom of Grace and the Kingdom of Glory in which the former was misunderstood by the disciples of Jesus who erroneously believed that Jesus would set up His kingdom on earth and establish His cabinet members; they were obsessed by political power. “Everyone was aiming for a high office which prompted the mother of John to come to Jesus appealing to let her son be chosen among His top officials. Contrary to what they believed, Jesus pointed out that true greatness is not in wielding power but in humble service. In addition, the Kingdom of Grace is Jesus Christ. He came to this world and offer His life for the ransom of many. And those sinners who confess their sins will receive pardon and forgiveness. While the Kingdom of Glory is the blessed hope for all  believers, claiming the inheritance of eternal life with the Lord forever,” Dr. Tornalejo  stressed.


“I am revitalized, energized and touched by the soft spoken words of Dr. Tornalejo. I can  compare myself to a cellphone, when the battery is low, it needs to be recharged to regain more power and stamina for a long-day use. Sometimes, our relationship with God is marred by material things. We are so concerned for our own security and we wanted to stay in our comfort zone and forget those craving souls for God’s kingdom. We think our relationship with God is strong, but in reality, we are weak. I pray that all our batteries have been fully charged so that we can regain more spiritual power to face more obstacles in life,” one of the EVC directors commented.


This week of spiritual festivity is consistently done yearly as recommended by Pastor Samuel R. Salloman, president of East Visayan Conference (EVC) and was approved by the EVC Administrative Committee.


Pastor Salloman urged, “Beginning the first month of the year, let’s have a regular week of  prayer to be the pilot of our churches in the field. Meaning, not only those who are here in the office will enjoy partaking of the spiritual food, but we will also encourage our district pastors
and church members to do the same.Let’s have a mass week of prayer every first month of the year. Let us lay aside our personal priorities and focus on spiritual things. We need to spiritualize our church members because there are a lot of competitors that would hinder our relationship with God. There are gadgets, big and small, that would divert our attention to
God. Materialism is gradually creeping inside the church. Let us break the Adventist dilemma. It’s nice to commune first with God before setting plans and goals for this year 2018. First things first… God.”


On Friday evening after the vespers meeting, the ordinance of humility and communion service was held and participated in by husbands and wives who wished to renew their  commitment to God and claim His forgiveness and reconciliation. “We really feel the outpouring of the Holy Spirit like in the day of the Pentecost when everyone is praying and united in sharing each other’s burden,” one of the ministers’ wives shared.


The week of spiritual festivity culminated on the Sabbath where everyone enjoyed the feast of spiritual and material food and the warmest fellowship of reconciled sinners.


“We are really blessed and nourished by the spiritual manna from Heaven that is nothing but a diorama for the great festival and revival in Heaven where we will all be seated at the banqueting table in the presence of God,” exclaimed by one of the pastors.


About the writer:
Antonio C. Gobi, Jr. is the youth and communication director of
East Visayan Conference, Tacloban, Leyte.

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