True Love Waits – a very timely seminar

By: Geric Von V. Dela Cruz


“Love should be cherished and cultivated, for its influence is divine.” (LYL 33.3)

Recent surveys showed that in the Philippines, every hour around 24 babies were delivered by teenage mothers and around 14 percent of them aging 15-19 were either pregnant for the first time or were already mothers. These very alarming facts became the reason for the AY Department of Southern Antique 2 District to conduct the True Love Waits seminar on February 19-20, 2016 at Sibalom SDA Church.


Topics that pertained to Love, Christian Dating or Courtship, Introduction to Choosing your Lifetime Partner and Sexually Transmitted Diseases were well discussed by invited speakers namely Ma’am Jean Estrebilla, Women’s Ministries/Children’s Ministries and Home & Family director; Ma’am Marjaleena Gonzales, English teacher of West Visayan Academy and Ma’am Lorie Serato, a pastor’s wife. Moreover, a simple group activity about family budgeting was done to make the youth realize the difficulty in starting a family without adequate preparations.


The seminar drew into conclusion with a very solemn Commitment Service. During this juncture, a candle lighting ceremony was done with every youth signing the Chastity Cards that were distributed. The young peoples’ commitment was finally sealed with a dedicatory prayer offered to God.

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