True Love. . . Waits! -

By Geric Von Dela Cruz

“True love is not merely a sentiment or an emotion. It is a living principle, a principle that is  manifest in action. True love, wherever it exists, will control the life.” (How God’s Love is  Manifested, EGW)

The Public Campus Ministries in Iloilo City conducted a series of lectures last February 12-16, 2018, simultaneously done at Central Philippine University and Iloilo Science and Technology University campuses in Iloilo City.
“We initiated this kind of program since we all know that the world is celebrating the month of love every February and we find this as an opportunity to educate our classmates and  fellow youth about the perks of being in love,” one of the youth organizers commented.
During the program, students and young professionals were shared with topics such as Simply Contented, Why Haste, It’s Not You, It’s Me, Take Heed Lest You Fall, and Letting God Write Your Love Story. Experienced speakers such as Weeluna Habaradas, an elementary school teacher of Riverview Adventist Academy in Iloilo City; Joy Ayupan,  former UNiCEF Project manager; Razel Portugalete, a nurse working in Iloilo City Health Office; and Kleah Marie Bienes, a licensed Chemical Engineer who serves as a volunteer at West Visayan Conference PCM Chaplain, were requested to share on the aforementioned subject matters.
The event culminated on Saturday where Cesar Casanova, Jr., Global Mission volunteer, was able to give further enlightenment on the theme of love. The series of lectures had Q & A  portion where attendees may ask their queries on the topic at hand.
“We are so thankful for this timely reminders that we have heard,” said one of the students.
With the alarming hike of teenage pregnancy and premarital sex victims, the series of lecture aimed to spread awareness to the youth that they may be vigilant in entering the portal of  being in a relationship, hence, avoiding being a prey to the societal malady threatening the morality of the modern youth.
The event ended with a serious personal commitment asked from the young people with regards to the fidelity that is expected from them. According to the pen of inspiration, “Love should be cherished and cultivated, for its influence is divine.” (LYL, 33)

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