“What is our Mission?”

The mission of the stewardship department of the Seventh-day Adventist in Central Philippine Union Conference is to actively support the church mission—to make disciples spiritually revived and faithful stewards. It further aims all members to actively engage in doctrinal study, as essential part in spiritual maturity that would be made evident through their better understanding and acceptance of the 28 fundamental beliefs and know exactly who and to whom they serve. Disciples should also know about the three angels’ messages with the additional knowledge of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment, and most of all, about stewardship.

They should also be acquainted and well-versed with Ellen G. White’s counsels on stewardship of which our main program is to emphasize the revival and reformation—revived by His words and the belief of the prophets.

We should also be followers of our Biblical authentic spiritual practices – such as Prayer and Meditation of the life of Jesus and Biblical themes.

Lastly, let us engage ourselves together as members, pastors and leaders in the full partnership with God.


Abner O. Dinoy is the stewardship director of Central Philippine Union Conference.

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