Women in Camotes Islands conduct a three-day seminar and retreat

By Laarni Lucero-Apat

Around 100 women came to Cagcagan, Poro, Cebu on the afternoon of May 3, 2018 as it was the arrival and registration period for the Camotes-wide Women’s  Seminar/Retreat with the theme, “Women of Influence Preparing for Eternity” on May 4-6, 2018. The covered court of Cagcagan was the venue of the plenary & lecture sessions while Cagcagan Elementary School billeted the delegations.

Fifteen of the registrants were from the Women’s Ministries Department of Ormoc City. “We were very much excited when we were told of the invitation. We thought being with the women of Camotes Islands would be new to us. And finally, it has arrived and we are very thankful for the wonderful experience,” said Miriam Carillo,
one of the very active members of the organization.

The invited speakers were Lenie Lou G. Suniega, administrative secretary to the President of Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC), and Fe R. Pigon, Women’s and Children’s Ministries director of Central Visayan Conference (CVC).

The topics of the lectures included The Beautiful Woman that I Am, Loving Everything About My Other Half, How I Value Our Marriage, Augmenting My Family’s Income, Becoming Good Stewards of Children, Becoming A Good Financial Steward, Keeping My Family Intact for Morning and Evening Worships, How an SDA Woman Influences (Ways of Becoming a Good Influence), How to Discipline my Children the Biblical Way, How to Maximize my Participation in Church Activities, The SDA Woman at Work and In the Community, Song Leading, Preaching, Making the Meals Ideal for My Family, and The Witnessing Woman.

How Women of Influence Communicate and Resolve Conflicts was delivered by Lolita Toray-Agdippa, director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries and Shepherdess International of Northern Luzon Mission. She is a native of Mactang, Esperanza, Poro, Cebu; thus, Women in Camotes Islands conduct a three-day seminar and retreat Central Visayan Conference By Laarni Lucero-Apat when news of her visiting the place came, the president of the organization came to her parent’s house to invite her.

The invited speakers delivered the topics, merging some which were closely related. The participants, using the notebook in their seminar kit, took down notes. Interaction was encouraged by our speakers, and a number of women shared their ideas when asked.

Religious contests were conducted too. These were group singing that had “Fill My Cup, Lord” as the contest piece with introductory and finale songs, chain memory verse recitation with ten members, and preaching. The Ormoc delegation nabbed the first prize in group singing and preaching while the eastern Camotes won the chain memory verse reciting contest.

The officers of Camotes Federation of Women thought of having social competitions. These were the NutriMeal, NutriDrink, and NutriSnack cooking/preparation. These were conducted in order to inspire women to cook and prepare nutritious food for their families.

Crowds gathered to witness the exciting event on Sabbath afternoon. The Ormoc women won the NutriMeal cooking with their sumptuous gluten a la caldereta. They also became the first placer of the NutriSnack preparation contest having mongo toron as their output. The eastern Camotes women got the first prize in the NutriDrink preparation. They prepared a juice mixed with a number of fruits and vegetables which they called fiesta drink.

Meanwhile, another set of contests were done. These aimed to promote the spirit of unity and ethics during the event. The Biggest Delegation and the Most Active & Participative Awards were won by the Ormoc delegation while the Most Punctual Award was awarded to the Western Camotes District, particularly Consuelo Church women headed by Consuelo SDA Elementary School Principal Ma. Jonalyn P. Dalaguan. The Most Disciplined Award was won by the Eastern Camotes Group.

The prizes and other expenses incurred were from the pledges given by the women on September, 2017. Women in Camotes are honest and faithful to promises as they indeed fulfilled their promised amount.

The women’s retreat/seminar was made possible by the close advisory of Quennei B. Abing, wife of Eastern Camotes District Leader Jeoffrey D. Abing and Josephine H. Gutierrez, wife of Western Camotes District Pastor Marcelino P. Gutierrez. Mrs. Abing was all hands as the event took place in her district.


About the writer: Laarni Lucero-Apat is the Women’s Ministries Camotes Federation president. She is a Master Teacher-I/English at the Luciano B. Rama, Sr. Memorial National High School, Esperanza, Poro, Cebu. She is the wife of the Eastern Camotes Association and Care Group Leaders president, Mr. John Rey B. Apat. They have two daughters, Jazzlin Leanna (4) and Janya Lei (2).

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