Women in Negros Occidental Conference support a year of special evangelism

Mizpah 10/12/2018

By Sarah Pavillar

Around 25 simultaneous evangelistic campaigns were conducted by the Women’s Ministries in different areas of Negros Occidental Conference (NOC) territory last July to November 2017. As a result, 577 souls accepted Christ through baptism.
The various campaigns were spearheaded by Dr. Sarah B. Pavillar, Women’s Ministries  director of NOC, who appealed to all NOC women to join the year of special evangelism in  2017.
The women in every district responded positively. With a strong desire to participate in winning souls for Christ, they made plans to support the work of God. They created different committees from different venues in preparation for the simultaneous campaigns that they
will be conducting in various areas. They initiated a community service in their respective areas of assignment, and they also conducted activities such as mother’s class, free clinics, feeding programs, and other community outreach activities.
Dr. Pavillar conducted rotational visits in all the scheduled district evangelistic meetings in  order to challenge the women to be more courageous in the Lord’s work.
There were assigned story tellers, health lecturers, and gospel speakers every night in every site throughout the series. The program ran smoothly, and they were able to achieve their nightly goals to start and end the children’s hour, the health/family lecture and the gospel presentations on time.
“I enjoyed working with them. Having this selfless kind of activity is really fulfilling,” one of the women commented.
During the nightly presentations, people came to listen.
“Thank you so much for sharing with us biblical truths. I feel so blessed and inspired with the lectures and messages that I heard,” shared by one of the Bible interests in one area.
Each district has a goal of 10 souls, and every woman involved has a role to play in reaching their goal. And by God’s grace together with the support of the district pastors, the goal was reached by some and others achieved beyond what was asked for.
Praise God for this, and all Glory to Him!
About the writer:
Dr. Sarah B. Pavillar is the Women’s Ministries
director of Negros Occidental Conference, Bacolod City

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